New save system & Store customizations (0.3)

After roughly two weeks of tinkering and working on various features, I feel confident to put forth version 0.3 of Coffee, Please! with a bunch new features; most notably the new save system that allows you to save the game at any point in time, rather than only at the end of the day. This required a few days of work to get into working order, but should work without major problems. Another great addition is the Wall and Floor texturing system, which allows players to purchase different materials to customize the look of their store. The supplied textures are limited and are for the most part placeholders. 

The new menu to customize the look of your store (rough, but functional)

Another important aspect of customizing your store, is the ability to move around all furniture items, including the Counters!

The next bigger update will focus on player interactions and usability. I intend to rework how the player can pick up and carry around items and how the coffee machines work. Whenever my brain can't wrap itself around code, I've been working on assets and a few coffee icons have made their way into the current game.

New sprites!

One of the new sprites for coffee products

Oh and before I forget: For anyone who wants to fiddle around a little with custom commands, I added Lua support with a limited set of commands. I haven't worked more on it, since I intend to allow C# Assemblies for modding in the future.

Before I ramble on much longer, here is the full changelog for 0.3:

- Saving: Game can now be saved at any point in time. 
- Saving: The new 'Save / Load Game' menu can be opened from the Pause Menu and allows for different save slots.
- New! Added Wall & Floor Texturing System: You can now purchase different wall and floor styles on the computer in your office! 
- Furniture: Counters can now be moved like regular furniture items. To move a counter, furniture that is currently being placed on it, has to be moved somewhere else first.
- Product display can now be placed on the ground ... If you want to.
- Furniture: Cash Register can now be moved and customers will follow it... literally anywhere.
- Gameplay: Removed the Penalty for 'Passing out' and the time warning. Now the day just ends. It was kind of stupid.
- Customers: If customers have multiple items, they will now place them onto different places of the table
- Visuals: Baked goods look tastier and milk carton looks ... milkier?
- Visuals: Spills looks a bit better now, but can still behave really weird. Just roll with it for now.

- Furniture: New Cup Dispenser Model and improved visualizations

- Item: Foam Jug added as a shop item
- Item: Foam Jug can now be cleaned in the faucet and with the sponge
- Item: Floormats can now be cleaned with a broom and will be as good as new!

- Settings: Controls: Most controls can now be changed in the settings menu and (should) save between versions
- Settings: Gameplay Panel added
--'Show Tutorials' option added: You are an expert - you don't need those tutorials!
--'Drop Item with Pickup Action' added, which can help, if you keep accidentally dropping things.

- Customer: Pedestrians are now interactable and there is a chance, you can convince them to go into your store!

- Modding: Picture Frame images are now moddable under 'Coffee Please_Data\StreamingAssets\Pictures' and include all pictures delivered with the build for easy access.

- Modding: Added Lua script support! Any .lua file will be loaded into the game 'Coffee Please_Data\StreamingAssets\LUA' at startup. I have provided TestScript.lua to serve as an example.
(!) Note: I intend to add .NET assembly support in the future, possibly with runtime compilation to allow complex mods.
- Console: lua.execute [scriptName] [command] now available, to call your new Lua functions
- LUA: Commands added for saving values (only use in Event_Game_Load / Event_Game_Save): 
-- Load_Number(scriptName, identifier), returns double
-- Load_Bool(scriptName, identifier), returns boolean - only use in Event_Game_Load
-- Load_String(scriptName, identifier), returns string - only use in Event_Game_Load
-- Save_Number(scriptName, identifier) - only use in Event_Game_Save
-- Save_Bool(scriptName, identifier) - only use in Event_Game_Save
-- Save_String(scriptName, identifier) - only use in Event_Game_Save

- Bugfix: Stains don't spawn in the air, when the drink collides with a customers
- Bugfix: Customers now order drinks "to go" again (if player owns a cup dispenser)
- Bugfix: Espresso Cup now stays upright when being picked up or placed into Espresso Machine
- Bugfix: If you steal a to go cup from a customer, it won't magically follow it anymore
- Bugfix: Water Pitcher can now be unboxed properly
- Bugfix: Can't interact with angry customers anymore
- Bugfix: Can't place second coffee can under coffee machine while it is brewing coffee ... nice one.
- Bugfix: Unboxing Food directly into Food Display doesn't cause problems anymore
- Bugfix: Customers are now 'sitting' again on chairs as the flying spaghetti-monster intended

- Other stuff: Added a broom holder to the wall


Coffee, Please! Windows (Pre-Alpha - Newest version) 133 MB
Version 83 Feb 28, 2019

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