Pedestrians, Coffee Prices and many bugfixes (

So much for 0.2.6.x being a pure bug-fixing version ;) Plenty of new stuff has been added in the last versions!

  • New! Pedestrians are making the streets more alive! (Soon, you'll be able to manually coax them into your store, if business is slow!)
  • New! Coffee Prices can now be adjusted on the coffee menu. If a price is too high for a customer, they will pick a second drink. If this drink is too expensive as well, they will leave the story angrily. Coffee prices now also factor in the customer satisfaction. Currently the only variable that increases the possible maximum price is the furniture value.
  • Furniture: Added bigger picture frame to store
  • Picture Frame Editing: Change scale and offset of the pictures for further customization
  • Lights: Changed light type of Rectangular Lamps
  • Balance: Spawn system adjusted with more customers spawning in the early morning
  • Bugfix: Customers won't become brainless zombies, after they drank their coffee
  • Bugfix: Can't push customers around with furniture
  • Bugfix: Register doesn't stay on the 'Accept Order?'-screen if a customer gets rejected or leaves angrily 
  • Bugfix: Item Boxes and Furniture Boxes can't be ridden anymore
  • Bugfix: Cold coffee won't pretend to be hot and steamy anymore
  • Bugfix: Fridges refrigerate food items again
  • Bugfix: Customers will not steal reusable cups for to-go orders anymore.


Coffee, Please! Windows (Pre-Alpha - Newest version) 124 MB
Version 75 Feb 04, 2019

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