Working on stability (0.2.6)

I have upgraded to the newest version of Unity. Not as big of a jump as from Unity 5 to Unity 2018, but I don't want to go through the nightmare of upgrading and then seeing a hundred different things break. I much rather deal with one single thing breaking every once in a while. This update required me to have a look at the various rigidbodies in the game and rework the Mouse script that locks / confines the mouse to the screen. Doing this, I decided I would spend some time to rework systems and make them easier to maintain, rather than throwing big new features in the existing systems, making them even more hard to maintain. I will still add features in the next few version, but most of my time will be spent on making the game more stable, savegames more reliable and squashing more bugs. I will most certainly need all the QA help I can get! :D

As for the actual changelog:

  • Moved the project to the newest Unity version, which required some changes on the Rigidbodies and some work on the mouse locking system
  • Added: Event Manager, which will help me clean up the code
  • Bugfix: Game should now progress correctly when the day is over, saving and loading reliability (hopefully) improved
  • Computer: Menus and the Computer will now close, when hitting the Escape key
  • Computer: Main Screen now displays the ingame time in the lower left corner
  • Various other minor code improvements that nobody would care to read about

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