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Lots of bugs have been fixed, a functioning fridge is now available and I started to rework a bunch of sprites. I have a lot of more upcoming features, but I want to spend some more time on the UI to make it feel more consistent.  The game has been grown in functionality far past my original estimates and I am excited to where it is going. With that growth, a few of my systems that I initially wrote will have to endure some refactoring or even complete rewrites (I am looking at your, popularity system!)

Thanks, Obama! (Actually it was Ooples...)

Anyways, here are the changes since the last devlog:

  • Added: New light available in the store!
  • Added: Settings Menu (Placeholder) can be opened from the Pause Menu and Main Menu
  • Added: Fridge: Food Items placed in fridge, stay fresh longer (if the door is closed) - thanks to Chris Leipfert for the model!
  • UI: Started replacing several placeholder sprites to make it look a bit nicer
Some of the new sprites
  • Bugfix: 'Looking For Seating' and 'Satisfaction Rating' are not displayed anymore when customer leaves store angry
  • Bugfix: Moving the character while rotating an object or furniture won't make character teleport anymore
  • Bugfix: Money is now stored as double variable and properly displayed (up to a quadrillion - after that, you are on your own)
  • Bugfix: Furniture can now be placed into office... yes, your customers will sit in it, too.
  • Bugfix: Cork board can't be placed through walls / ceiling anymore
  • Bugfix: Fridge does not flicker anymore when being placed
  • Bugfix: Fixed a whole slew of fridge-related physics bugs
  • Bugfix: Light Fixtures don't cast light anymore while being moved
  • Bugfix: Hitting 'Esc' in settings menu does not reopen the Pause Menu anymore
  • Bugfix: Hitting 'Esc' and then closing the Computer Screen does not cause issues anymore
  • Interface: Game can be resumed & Settings Menu can be closed out with Escape Key
  • Bugfix: Hitting Escape in the Day Over Screen or after clicking car will not lock game anymore
  • Bugfix: Camera does not clip through walls anymore
  • Bugfix: Player can't walk through doors anymore
  • Bugfix: Added collision box to electrical box
  • Bugfix: Can't walk onto cups anymore. Or cars... or a bunch of other things.
  • Bugfix: Looking at a customer that has his/her order won't display the order anymore
  • Bugfix: It's not possible to place wall shelf on the wall behind the counter with sink
  • Bugfix: Coffee machine interacts with non-furniture objects while in furniture mode
  • Doors: Removed hinge joint to avoid weird physics bugs.

I have been streaming the development regularly on Twitch and I would love if joined me! 

If you want to talk about the game or have suggestions, drop by our Coffee, Please! Discord server!


Coffee, Please! Windows (Pre-Alpha - Newest version) 133 MB
Version 64 Jan 19, 2019

Get Coffee, Please! - A First Person Coffee Shop Sim

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