A very important update (2.3)


  • Added very special function to tell you customers how you feel (Press 'Y' - Thanks MrsWiccan for suggesting that one!)
  • Tutorial: Slide will be shown after first order has arrived, telling player where to find the box
  • Balance / Debug: Versions going forward don't have Espresso machines and coffee grinders from the start
  • Added: New furniture: Small lounge chair by Robert Field (THX!)

  • Removed Trello bug reporter
  • UI: All screens should scale correctly / be readable in lower resolutions. Anything under 800x600 will have issue I am not going to adress at this point.
  • Environment: Added props to the back alley and exit door
  • Order System: Order boxes now spawn on the pallet in the back alley
  • Tooltips: On-Screen Tooltips have been removed from the game, due to performance issues 


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Version 62 Jan 13, 2019

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