Returning to the project + New version (

After quite the hiatus from working on this game, I have been slowly over the past couple days getting back into the project. Several systems are in place, that have never been completed and I am excited to get working on them again.

Despite it being an early version of the game, I want to make the game public in the upcoming days to gather more feedback, especially when it comes to the long-term gameplay. The game will be available for free while being in Pre-Alpha. I am now also okay with gameplay videos being released, though I am skeptical of the entertainment value in it's current state.

One of the major challenges recently, was getting it to work with the newest Unity version. I am intending to throw out more middle-ware / plugins, I have been using, to make it more robust when I want to update Unity in the future.

Instead of posting my changelogs in the discussion forum, I am using these devlogs! Hooray!
- Moved project to Unity 2018 and fixed compatibility issues
- Bugfix: Orders were not correctly displayed in the info bubble over a customer, once his order was accepted
- Added temporary icons and background for computer screen
- Individual screens can now be opened from any other screen
- Added button sounds to computer interface


Coffee, Please! Windows (Pre-Alpha - Newest version) 124 MB
Version 59 Jan 10, 2019

Get Coffee, Please! - The Coffee Shop Simulator (Pre-Alpha)

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I love the concept however really struggled to get a customer happy. I found 2 styles of coffee confusing as I didn't know which one they wanted. I understood the cup or the take away but found the clock went too fast. I was lucky to serve 3 or 4 before collapsing. The sound effects are awesome and I love the way the customers grunt at you :) Keep up the great work, I'll be following along and looking forward to playing more in the future .

I am working currently on implementing systems to make it clearer what customers want and to explain the mechanics to the user! Thank you for checking out the project!

Thank you, I look forward to replaying it :)