I'm back and I brought robots (0.3.3)

🔴 Update: Due to Unity's new royalty system, I'm putting the project (once again) on indefinite hold until I can find a way forward that does not include the Unity engine. For more information and a list of valid concerns and issues (which will directly affect my livelyhood), you can read this forum post on the Unity forums.

Original Post: It's been a few years, but here is a fresh new update to Coffee, Please! Thanks again to all the encouraging comments and reports of bugs in my absence. I won't make any promises, but for now I am enjoying tinkering with the project. There is a lot of old code and many outdated plugins that I will most likely update or completely rip out, but for now the game is in a playable state again. Please let me know any game breaking bugs you come around and please let me know your thoughts.


Full changelog (0.3.3):

  • New feature: Added the first version of an Employee System in the form a robot. You will notice the new occupant standing near a wall for you to experiment with. Please note, that it is currently not part of the save / load logic and most likely quite buggy. This is not something a player would start off with, but upgrade / purchase later in the game.
  • New feature: Savegames can now be loaded while being in an active game.
  • Change: The pickup button can trigger many interactions now. When an item can be picked up or interacted with, the pickup button will first attempt to pick up the item and then check if it can be interacted with. While not entirely consistent, it hopefully will feel more intuitive. I plan to add a gameplay setting to switch this setting on or off.
  • Change: Player switches back automatically to Pickup / Interact Mode after placing a piece of furniture
  • Change: The trash bin now stores up to 20 items before the trash has to be emptied.
  • Bugfix: The product drop zones won't suddenly float away.
  • Bugfix: Saving while serving a customer won't break your save anymore.
  • Bugfix: Chairs in placement mode won't push NPCs around anymore
  • Bugfix: Picture Frames now load correctly.
  • Bugfix: The cash register screen deactivates when an ordering customer leaves angrily.
  • Bugfix: The house plant doesn't float above the ground anymore.


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