Music & Sounds (0.3.2)

The focus of the 0.3.2 update is on anything auditory. Ambient and UI sounds help to make the game feel more alive and some fitting Jazz music (Music from by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( will hopefully entertain you while you are brewing coffee for your customers!

Full changelog (0.3.2):

  • Added Music to the Main Menu and In-Game, more to be added. All Music you can hear is from by Kevin MacLeod (
    License: CC BY (
  • Added Music Settings Menu with Sliders to Adjust Music and Sound Volume
  • Added Button Sounds to most buttons in the game
  • Fridge now hums along and fridge doors have sounds added
  • Standard Throw and Pickup Sounds have been changed
  • Ambient City Sounds have been added
  • Added 'Video Settings' in Settings Menu with FOV Slider
  • Loading Bar on added to the Loading screen
  • Currently selected inventory item is now outlined
  • Selection screen for Frothing / Steaming milk at the espresso machine now displays correctly
  • Added option to enable or disable automatic saving at the end of the day
  • The inventory now displays correctly over the hand when items are dropped/removed
  • Bugfix: Appearance Menu now displaying correctly
  • Bugfix: Coffee Prices can now be reduced
  • Bugfix: Main Menu is readable at low resolutions
  • Updated the development console to the newest version. It now displays the log and errors, helping to identify bugs. Most previous existing commands have been imported.


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Version 87 Jan 16, 2020

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