Usability and UI (0.3.1)

Changes in 0.3.1 were aimed at improving the user experience & usability. One of the biggest changes is the new inventory. I will resume streaming the development on, so feel free to swing by and say hi!

Most of the changes were made before the break, so you can expect a few new bugs and unfinished artwork. The changelog was written mostly based on my Trello tickets, so it might not be 100% accurate :D

  • Buying food is now dependent on various factors. i.e. if any stale food is inside any of the active food offer zones, the likelyhood of a customer ordering a food will halve. The more variety of food you have, the more likely a customer will order food.
  • Customers won't buy stale food anymore.
  • Coffee Machine & Espresso Machine have been simplified. To foam or roll milk in the espresso machine simple interact with a milk jug, filled with milk
  • Computer can be closed with the Escape key
  • Added an inventory, which allows the player to hold multiple items and cycle between those with mouse wheel
  • Changing the distance of the held item is now done with Mousewheel + R
  • Automatically Toggle To Normal Mode when Player tries to Interact with an Item while being in Furniture Mode
  • Indicate Temperature Mismatch on ItemCup & Coffee Can
  • Close / Open Filter Compartment when Interacting with Compartment
  • Coins can now be interacted with, since they are not inventory items
  • Customers are now looking for prepared food items in the zone if they pay for their order
  • Items will get assigned to the customers with the shortest remaining waiting time
  • Movement controls can now be changed in the settings
  • Added sprites for keys in the key binding menu
  • Tooltips are now shown when problems are encountered  (i.e. furniture needs to be moved from counter first)


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Version 85 Jan 09, 2020

Get Coffee, Please! - A First Person Coffee Shop Sim

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