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Coffee, Please! - The Coffee Shop Simulator (Pre-Alpha)

Run your own coffee house, fill orders and make your customers happy. · By weaselzone


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New save system & Store customizations (0.3)
After roughly two weeks of tinkering and working on various features, I feel confident to put forth version 0.3 of Coffee, Please! with a bunch new features; mo...
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Pedestrians, Coffee Prices and many bugfixes (
So much for 0.2.6.x being a pure bug-fixing version ;) Plenty of new stuff has been added in the last versions! New! Pedestrians are making the streets more ali...
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Picture Frame with Modding Support (
New: Picture Frames for your store! Interact with the picture frame to bring up the Picture Change Dialogue New: Picture Modding Support! When the game runs ini...
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Different Cups & Fixes (
Added: Espresso Cups to serve that perfect cup of espresso Added : Customers now expect their ordered drink to be in the correct cup (i.e. Espressos in espresso...
Working on stability (0.2.6)
I have upgraded to the newest version of Unity. Not as big of a jump as from Unity 5 to Unity 2018, but I don't want to go through the nightmare of upgrading an...
My Store Upgrade System (
More or less a hotfix with a little new addition! Added the store upgrade system: I prepared the framework for future store upgrades that can be unlocked from t...
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No more ghosts! (
I started making the game a little bit more presentable and will focus more on explaining the basics of the game to give new players an easier start in the game...
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Ice Cold Bugfixes (
Lots of bugs have been fixed, a functioning fridge is now available and I started to rework a bunch of sprites. I have a lot of more upcoming features, but I wa...
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