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Coffee, Please! - The Coffee Shop Simulator (Pre-Alpha)

Run your own coffee house, fill orders and make your customers happy. · By weaselzone


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Music & Sounds (0.3.2)
The focus of the 0.3.2 update is on anything auditory. Ambient and UI sounds help to make the game feel more alive and some fitting Jazz music (Music from http...
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Usability and UI (0.3.1)
Changes in 0.3.1 were aimed at improving the user experience & usability. One of the biggest changes is the new inventory. I will resume streaming the developme...
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New save system & Store customizations (0.3)
After roughly two weeks of tinkering and working on various features, I feel confident to put forth version 0.3 of Coffee, Please! with a bunch new features; mo...
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Pedestrians, Coffee Prices and many bugfixes (
So much for 0.2.6.x being a pure bug-fixing version ;) Plenty of new stuff has been added in the last versions! New! Pedestrians are making the streets more ali...
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Picture Frame with Modding Support (
New: Picture Frames for your store! Interact with the picture frame to bring up the Picture Change Dialogue New: Picture Modding Support! When the game runs ini...
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Different Cups & Fixes (
Added: Espresso Cups to serve that perfect cup of espresso Added : Customers now expect their ordered drink to be in the correct cup (i.e. Espressos in espresso...
Working on stability (0.2.6)
I have upgraded to the newest version of Unity. Not as big of a jump as from Unity 5 to Unity 2018, but I don't want to go through the nightmare of upgrading an...
My Store Upgrade System (
More or less a hotfix with a little new addition! Added the store upgrade system: I prepared the framework for future store upgrades that can be unlocked from t...
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