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After some soul searching, I decided to set the game's pricing to Free. I don't intend to work on this project anytime soon and don't want to leave it in continuous limbo.

Due to the use of several third-party libraries in my code, I can't release the source code, though if there was interest, I would gladly remove all third-party code and release it.


What is Coffee, Please?

Coffee, Please! is my passion project after I haven't been able to find a decent store simulator. Usually they are intentionally goofy or borderline playable. A big inspiration was seeing Shoppe Keep and Car Mechanic Simulator, two games I highly enjoyed. While they had elements that entertained me, I felt that it was not quite scratching my itch. 

This is a first person simulator which incorporates elements from business/tycoon games. 

My main goal is to create a fun, basic game without going overboard with ideas. On one hand, I don't want to dumb down the experience, on the other I don't want to make it unapproachable due to its complexity. 

This game is made with Unity. I have been working on games throughout my life, just never on a project quite that big.


The current control scheme can be found in the Settings menu under Controls. Currently only mouse and keyboard are supported.


Coffee, Please! Windows (Pre-Alpha - Newest version) 124 MB
Version 89 Feb 02, 2020

Install instructions

If you have an existing save game, it might not compatible with a newer version of the game. Please start a new game with each version.

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